360 degree Marketing

“Anything and everything can be considered marketing—so long as it grows the business.”  – Ryan Holiday

Telling your brand’s story across multiple media channels, delivering consistent and relevant content is an essential, yet daunting task for any business.

Your brand image and identity is set with a consistent, customer-centric experience that should reach your consumers, where ever they are.

This requires a strategy, well-planned 360 degree marketing campaign approach that taps consumers on all platforms, no matter what they are doing

So, how 360 integrated marketing works?

360 degree marketing employs all mediums or channels of marketing that is from in-store to print media, digital and social covering, television, radio, online marketing and mobile marketing to deliver your brand's message. In a nutshell, it combines traditional marketing mix with online tools, giving a comprehensive view to all your customer segments across different communication mediums.

Marketers can assist you in presenting the brand across various communication mediums, tailoring the experience for different consumer segments based on their preferences and lifestyles.

This is a useful marketing tool that helps to convert leads into sales, raise profits and grow your business reach by actively communicating with your consumers.

Where is it applied?

  • When you need to launch a new product or push an existing one or a product revival.
  • When you want to announce a service or a scheme, a special offer like a sale or discount. 
  • When there is a branding makeover, and you want to communicate this with your audience.

There are several areas where a 360 degree marketing plan is applicable and helps you achieve the business goals successfully. Be it the need to produce more quality leads, make higher sales and a positive ROI, we assist clients with our in-depth marketing expertise and team support, eliminating your limitations for effective communications and brand marketing.

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