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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a social media marketing activity. Here, popular social media influencers are met with and collaborated with by brands to promote their products and services. Why do brands prefer social media influencers to market their brand on their behalf? This is because these influencers have a specific fan following. These fans genuinely interact with these influencers.
For instance, an influencer could be a health enthusiast who was a former gym instructor. She now puts up reels on the best exercises to do at home and loses 5 Kg a month. She also shows the best meals to cook that can help sustain weight loss. Her audience loves what she talks about and finds her solutions effective. Brands that sell protein supplements, organic cooking ingredients, and other healthy, eco-friendly products can reach out to her to promote their products on her social media page. She could be present on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Your Brand

People want to know what’s good and healthy for them. They want to know what’s the right protein supplement, which shampoo is paraben-free, which hair dye product does not have ammonia in it, and which fast-food dish is the less harmful option.

At Digitalz Pro, we’ve worked with brands and connected them to influencers. We’ve studied how the target audience responds to these collaborations. Social Influencers have a huge impact on their audience because they are regarded as honest and transparent. Their opinions are not mixed with polite diplomacy but words that speak the audience’s mind. Sometimes, people love a refreshing outlook and they get that from the popular influencers they follow on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Does your brand need to tap the potential of influencer marketing?

Let’s see what we can work out for you.

    Why Choose Us as your Influencer Marketing company in Noida

    We have a strong network of social media influencers that can promote your brand.


    What results can I expect from Influencer Marketing?

    With influencer marketing, you can expect brand reach organically, build credibility and trust with your target audience, and influence their purchasing decision.

    What social media channels will you help with influencer marketing for my brand?

    We work on YouTube, Quora, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    What is an influencer marketing campaign?

    An influencer marketing campaign is a paid social or sponsored content that is published on social media channels. A campaign is developed to cater to a specific target audience online and this is done by paying an influencer to do so. These influencers have already developed a meaningful relationship with their audience. This is where brands can leverage an influencer’s relationship with their audience to increase brand popularity.

    What are the best channels for doing influencer marketing?

    While this depends on the platform your audience is more likely to be present, you can look forward to YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

    How will you decide the best influencer for my brand?

    We will assess your brand in terms of your target audience, and understand their preferences, likes and dislikes. Once we know this, we will reach out to niche and industry-specific influencers to collaborate and promote your brand.

    How do you judge the authenticity of an influencer?

    An authentic influencer will not copy or repeat other influencers. Rather they will have an active fan base that relates to their personality and content posted. They will take a genuine interest in your brand’s offerings, have a high engagement rate with their fan following, deliver quality content, and provide brand alignment.