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Our lead generation expert team will work to nurture the leads of your business. This business growth hack tactic is one of the most effective ways to pool in your target audience.

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Why you need a Lead Generation Specialist

You want to attract more business and to do this, you can’t keep beating around the bush with solely social media posts. The solution has to be more direct, and the way to do that is to generate leads. But, when you get leads, you need to be sure that they’ll buy your product, which is where a lead needs to qualify your search for them. Therefore, lead specialists can be the best judge for that, and here’s how:

  • To create strategic communication plans, schedule calls, and educate prospective clients.
  • To increase the visibility of your brand.
  • To make sure people interested in your brand get access to your products.
  • To target the right leads and create a positive customer experience.
  • To effectively interact with the sales, marketing, and project staff to generate a collaborative effort.
  • Respond to requests from customers in a courteous and respectful manner.

Your Business, Our Growth Hacks

Cold calling

With our talented team of communication specialists, we will spread the word for your brand.


Email your target audience effectively after assessing their background information thoroughly.

Lead grading

Grade and score leads for the sales team to know where to place customers in the buyer’s journey.

Inbound Marketing

Engage visitors and develop leads through quality content on articles, podcasts, books, emails, etc.

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    Why should I outsource a lead generation specialist?

    Getting an outside perspective on how your business works can help gain a fresh outlook. Also, outsourcing a lead generation specialist can help you reach a larger pool of potential customers.

    How does a lead generation specialist grade and score a lead?

    Common ways a lead generation specialist will grade and score leads found:

    • Establish the criteria to define the ICP or Ideal Customer Profile, which includes the company size, budget, location, industry, etc.
    • Collect demographic information like the job title, location, company size, etc. to analyse them.
    • Assess the lead’s interactions with marketing content like downloads, webinar attendance, emails, website visits, etc.
    • Develop a scoring system that represents the ratios of engagement, buying timelines, etc.
    • Other grading and scoring techniques will involve weighting criteria, combining scores, setting thresholds, and period reviews, among other indicators.

    How do I hire the right lead generation expert?

    Hire a lead generation specialist who is transparent with you and doesn’t always agree with your sales suggestions. As a specialist, they would always have to know more about the market analysis, while considering your inputs as well.

    How we work at Digitalz Pro

    To increase qualified leads

    Step 1 – Understand your business goals and marketing objectives

    Step 2 – Give you the right direction suited specifically for your requirements

    Step 3 – Map out a phase-wise plan for generating leads

    Step 4 – Present it to you with various campaign strategies and execution plans

    Step 5 – Collect data on the results obtained, grade and score leadsStep 6 – Generate qualified leads for your business

    Case Studies

    We’ve brought brands out of the darkness and into the light through strategic lead generation services.

    Brand Type

    Clutch Bags



    Business Requirement

    Increase leads and improve the lead quality

    Solution Applied

    The Digitalz Pro lead generation experts developed a strategy to create lead magnets for the brand.

    Lead Generation Applied

    Marketing ad campaigns
    Remarketing ad campaigns
    Integrated Google and Facebook Ads


    The brand’s online presence as website visitors grew to 600+ within a month’s operation of ad campaigns, both fresh and remarketed ones.

    Brand Type

    Property Builders


    Real Estate

    Business Requirement

    Build a pool of leads Nurture existing leads

    Solution Applied

    Ran fresh and remarketing ads with a budget of less than Rs 500 per day in Faridabad, Gurgaon, and other cities in North India.

    Lead Generation Applied

    More than 500 leads were generated per month.
    Quality leads were shortlisted and converted to customers.


    Business revenue increased by 67%.
    Builders started to get additional word-of-mouth references from satisfied customers.

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