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Digital Marketing Internship in Delhi NCR

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    Why should you learn about Digital Marketing?

    Apart from offering various career opportunities, digital marketing opens doors to gaining some truly interesting skills.
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    Companies prefer candidates with digital marketing internship experience

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      What is Digital Marketing?

      Digital Marketing refers to the use of varied techniques and approaches to promote a product, business, or service, online. It is a discipline designed to engage with customers to build brand awareness and generate leads. Digital Marketing is several steps higher than traditional marketing. Not downgrading the benefits of traditional marketing, online marketing offers far more insights, performance metrics, and calculative steps to increase customer footfall offline and online.

      It is a flexible and versatile industry that every learner can benefit from in a world that has shifted to the digital realm. Areas of Digital Marketing that you will be trained for:


      Business Strategy


      Content Management & Curation


      Email marketing

      Marketing automation

      Web design

      Web development

      Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

      Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

      Social Media Marketing (SMM)

      Why join our Digital Marketing Internship Program?

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        Is this a free or a paid internship?

        This is a free internship.

        How long is the internship?

        The internship is for a duration of 45 days.

        Why should I join your internship program?

        Joining our digital marketing internship program will benefit you in the long run. Almost every business requires a boost in its online presence. By having knowledge beforehand of how it works, you can be a step ahead to generate brand awareness and gain more leads. It can also help you gain more credit as a professional to have this additional skill as a feather in your hat.

        Is this internship online or classroom-based?

        You will be attending this internship online every week.

        Where is this internship program based?

        This internship program is based in Delhi.

        Will my certificate be recognised by reputed firms?

        Yes, your certificate will be authorised by Digitalz Pro Media & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Which will authenticate your credentials as a professional.