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80+ businesses trust Google Ads for running PPC or Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns. Furthermore, users who make related searches are more likely to click on Google ads compared to other ad networks.

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Why you need a well-planned Google Ads Campaign

A Google Ads campaign requires proper planning as it involves the investment of your budget-allocated spending. For this, it is essential to understand what goes into running a Google Ad campaign:

  • To make sure the campaign is based on the right insights and user behaviour interests identified.
  • To understand the budget allocated for the campaign. This is instrumental in defining the type of Google Ad to be used.
  • To understand the goal of the ad, and thereby, design it accordingly.
  • To make sure that the ad has a low cost-per-click but generates higher brand exposure.
  • To properly monitor the Google Ad campaign and tweak the spend accordingly.

Your Business and Marketing Goals, Our Google Ads Services

Google Search Ads

Allow users to click on your text ads that appear either above or below organic searches.

Google Display Ads

Expose your brand with a more visual appeal. We’ll make it creative and vibrant to catch user attention.

Optimised ad positioning

We’ll select the best ad placements to strategically track visitors and bring them to your website.

Relevant Keyword Additions

We’ll identify the right keywords that can target accurate segments and audience demographics.

YouTube Ads

Create videos to make your brand stand out. Gain brand awareness through YouTube Ads.

Ad Performance Metrics

We will generate reports to show you how your business has progressed through the Ad Campaign.

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    Why do I need Google ads for my brand?

    Google ads are more targeted and can help generate leads in a short period. If done properly, a Google ad can run for a week and generate more leads than an organic post can generate over time.

    How many leads should I expect from one Google Ad?

    You may generate one to 10,000 leads, depending on how the ad is run. At our Google Ads agency in Faridabad, we’ve helped our clients generate between 80+ qualified leads per week. From this set of leads, 12 to 15 leads were qualified and genuinely interested customers. But, every business has a different set of limitations, for which promising a specific number of leads is not possible.

    How much budget should I allocate for a Google Ad campaign?

    If you’re just starting, we suggest you allocate INR 500 to 1000 per day for 10 days. This is not a set number and there are other factors involved. However, running a pilot campaign may help develop an idea of how users respond to your brand.

    Which type of Google Ad should I run for my brand?

    You can run a Google Search Ad if you want to drive leads and purchases. Alternatively, you can run a Google Display Ad if your brand is from a niche market and you want to trigger branded searches.

    What are all the types of Google Ads?

    You will find several types of Google Ads, a list of which is provided below:

    • Search ads
      • Responsive
      • Call-only
      • Dynamic
    • Display ads
      • Single image
      • Responsive
    • Video ads
      • Skippable in-stream
      • Non-skippable in-stream
      • In-feed
      • Bumper
      • Outstream
      • Masthead
    • Discovery ads
    • Local ads (soon to be PMax)
    • Smart ads
      • Search
      • Display
    • Local Services Ads
      • Google Guarantee
      • Google screened
    • Shopping ads
      • Product Shopping
      • Local Inventory
    • Performance Max ads
    • App ads
      • For downloads
      • For engagement

    How we work at Digitalz Pro Media & Technologies

    To run your Google Ads Campaign

    Step 1 – Understand your business goals and marketing objectives

    Step 2 – Give you the right direction suited specifically for your requirements

    Step 3 – Map out a phase-wise plan for a suitable Google Ads campaign strategy

    Step 4 – Present it to you with various web designs and copies for your Google Ad

    Step 5 – Create A/B Testing campaigns to identify what suits your brand the most

    Step 6 – Put together the best minds in our Google Ads Expert team

    Step 7 – Setup the Campaign with appropriate filters, KPIs, and other variables

    Step 8 – Run your Google Ad campaign based on a specific schedule

    Step 9 – Collect data on the results obtained through the ad campaign

    Step 10 – Generate appropriate leads for your business

    Case Studies

    We’ve brought brands out of the darkness and into the light
    through strategic Google Ad services.

    Brand Type

    Modular Furniture



    Business Requirement

    Increase leads Improve the lead quality

    Solution Applied

    The Digitalz Pro lead generation experts developed a strategy to run a Google ad campaign for the modular furniture brand.

    Lead Generation Applied

    Google ad campaign
    Remarketing ad campaigns
    Integrated Google and Facebook Ads


    The brand received quality leads, approximately 35 to 48 leads every fortnight.
    Business revenue increased by 70% by the end of one month of running the Google ad campaign.

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