Infographic Resume Making

In an Infographic resume, you can get to the point. That’s right! No flowery details or beating round the bush but a simple and straight hit to the nail.

What is an Infographic Resume?

An Infographic resume is a bullet system of points but with visual representation. It is a template that is easy to read and that which aligns with the trail of the eye.


Did you know that we read content in a certain way? After a few seconds or not more than a minute do we stop reading and start scanning. If we as readers are shy of the patience required to read an entire article then guess what your employer is going to do while reading your lengthy and accomplished resume.


You may have a ton of experience and achieved impressive milestones in your career. But who has the time to actually sit and browse through it all? This is where we step in and stir it up a little.


Our expertise in Infographic Resume making will do away with the unnecessary details. We believe in playing a disruptive role while building your resume profile so that you stand out and get noticed for the right opportunities.

Benefits of making an Infographic Resume

  1. To-the-point communication

What can be said in icons and graphic display can be better understood by your employer as compared to layer upon layer of paragraphs of communication.


  1. Quick scan to identify skills

Everyone’s pressed for time these days, especially bosses and directors. Your resume may be somewhere in their inbox among the other 95 unread mails. An Infographic resume and its concise matter will encourage them to take the time out to read and make their decision about you.


  1. Display your personality

You can showcase your personality by simply getting a littler creative. It is almost like the employer is meeting you on paper but in a more positive light. A regular resume is bland and there’s no time to look at one.



Have a look at some of our infographic resume templates and get a feel of the before-after result created by us.